drinks packages


the party starter

Want us to kick the party off? Beer, wine, and soft drink is just about all you need to get that party rolling. With local wines, craft beers, and handmade soft drinks, we’ve got all the important boxes ticked.

from $45pp

a little extra

Want to get a little more impressive? Add two handcrafted cocktails on tap. We will fill up entire kegs with whatever your heart desires and serve them all night long (or until you can’t possibly drink anymore). Everyone knows a good cocktail always gets the likes on insta!

from $65pp

the whole shebang

Want us to cover all the bases? Craft beer, local wine, handmade soft drinks, and a cocktail menu written just for you (with some pretty clever bartenders shaking all night long) is what we can offer you. We will cover just about anything you can think of and can even curate cocktails to match your favourite flavours. We all know you secretly want to make your friends jealous because your party was better than theirs.

from $85pp