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We believe that good quality booze can make or break any party. That's why we use the best we can find and source locally where we can
White Light Vodka
Starward Two Fold Whiskey
Espolon Tequila

soft drink

Just to make sure that you definitely are getting the best you can get, we make all of our own soft drinks! We come equipped with our own soft drink tap system and can whip up just about anything you're looking for.  
We offer a large selection of cocktails which have been created specifically for our bar. All of them are light and easy drinking so you can be sure that all of your guests will be happily sipping away for the entirety of your event.
In booking a cocktail event with us, you do also have the opportunity to have a bespoke cocktail created especially for you and your event. You can gloat to all of your friends and family that the drink they are enjoying is so exclusive that they won't get it anywhere else. We will get in touch to help create your cocktail upon booking a cocktail package.
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